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Brand Livingston

Brand Livingston is a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy that is intended to:

  • attract visitors who will patronize local businesses and spread the word about Livingston
  • become repeat visitors to our area
  • attract potential investors willing to advocate economic development
  • develop regional tourism to bolster tourism revenues during “shoulder months”
  • provide a regional and national advertising campaign (print, Web, social media)
  • raise awareness of Livingston as a unique and authentic destination
  • maintain a long-term, sustainable branding effort cultivated over multiple years

The strategy was developed through a collaboration between Vision Livingston, the City of Livingston, Park County, the Livingston Chamber of Commerce, the Livingston Business Improvement District, and the Big Sky Trust.

Livingston Business Improvement District


The Livingston Business Improvement District (LBID) development process began in 2009. LBID’s goal is to enhance the vitality of downtown Livingston by facilitating commerce, promoting investment, enhancing streetscapes, conducting maintenance and improving security and safety for the downtown business district, the City of Livingston and the people of Montana. In 2011, enough property owner signatures were gathered for LBID establishment and the Livingston City Commission approved the formation of a business district. The LBID receives its funding through an assessment of the property owners in the district. Although Vision Livingston worked to form the LBID, the current LBID is managed and governed by a separate board of directors.

Livingston Buy Local


Livingston Buy Local is dedicated to supporting locally owned, independent businesses in Livingston, Montana and Park County. The initiative provides marketing benefits, informational resources, and networking opportunities to its member businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Design Committee

Since its inception, the Design Committee has been active meets monthly. The members of the Design Committee worked with the City and Montana State University to create the 2009 downtown design plan. This Committee’s central purpose has been to help administer the 2009 City Commission Approved Livingston Streetscape Enhancement Master Plan. Working with the URA, bicycle racks, benches with local artists’ work, garbage cans and summer flower baskets have been created. The Committee has worked with the Street Arts Program in the creation of several mini-parks and sidewalk sculptures.

The Committee has also assisted with the Holidays Lights (now a separate 501c3 organization), holiday pole wraps, Crazy Days, the Christmas Stroll, and a summer ‘Music on Thursday Night’ entertainment venue. It is currently working on developing a City Banner Program that will be presented to the City Commission for approval.  Part of the Streetscape Enhancement Master Plan calls for crosswalk metal plates at downtown intersections illustrating Livingston’s railroad past. Financed by the URA, the first of these intersection plates should soon be added to the downtown infrastructure.