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Before Vision Livingston Downtown Partnership (Vision Livingston) was formed, the Livingston Downtown Association (LDA) worked to create the Tax Increment Finance District (TIF) in Livingston’s downtown business district to provide funds for physical improvements to the area. The LDA was also involved with the creation of the Urban Renewal District (URA) which administers the TIF funds with City Commission approval.

Vision Livingston was the successor to the LDA. It was initially based on the four point approach of the National Trust Main Street Program for advancing the preservation-based revitalization of commercial districts. The four points of the Main Street Program (Organization, Promotions, Design, and Economic Restructuring) work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort. Vision Livingston formed four committees along these four points. Vision Livingston was an all-inclusive organization with the immediate goal to establish the Livingston Business Improvement District (LBID) whereby property owners would tax themselves to provide infrastructure improvements in the downtown core.

Since organizing the LBID, Vision Livingston has maintained an active role in addressing downtown business concerns through its Design Committee  — working with the URA, the City of Livingston, and other organizations to provide bicycle racks, benches featuring local artists’ work, garbage cans and summer flower baskets. The Design Committee has also worked with the Street Arts Program in the creation of several mini-parks and sidewalk sculptures.

Vision Livingston was instrumental in forming the Brand Livingston campaign, a marketing strategy to promote tourism in the Livingston area. The strategy was developed through a collaboration between Vision Livingston, the City of Livingston, Park County, the Livingston Chamber of Commerce, the Livingston Business Improvement District, and the Big Sky Trust.

In 2013 Vision Livingston updated its mission to meet the changing needs of the Livingston business community and broaden its scope. Using the successful work completed in the past as a foundation for this new vision, the board developed the mission that guides the organization today: Identify, plan, coordinate and implement short and long term initiatives for the preservation and promotion of the community’s economic, cultural, social and environmental vitality.